Samsung recently launched the “Yalda for Hope” digital campaign. Using the slogan “Samsung supports Iranian culture and art”, the campaign ran in teasing and opening phases in collaboration with Baran Nikrah as the influencer and the main role.

Farhad Hejrat, Senior Professional/Head of Group, Corporate Marketing G/ Iran Branch, Samsung Electronics, and Kiarash Kamrani, Account Manager at Lemon Experiential Marketing, discussed the campaign in an interview, excerpts of which follow.

What was the goal of Yalda for Hope?

Farhad Hejrat: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, these days people mostly deal with the bad news that has affected everyone. Yalda is one of the most important traditions among Iranian families. So we used the opportunity provided by celebrations of Yalda Night – the longest night of the year and Northern Hemisphere’s winter solstice – to revive hope and positive feelings among our social media audiences. We tried to emphasize the role of hope among Iranian families on Yalda Night.

“Yalda for Hope” was designed based on that premise. In this campaign, we tried to tell families that even though we can’t be physically together this year, we can use social media and digital platforms to fill the void and celebrate Yalda differently. We showed families how to celebrate a different Yalda this year through this campaign. We made a video in which Baran Nikrah augured based on the omens of Hafez.

What kind of feedback did you receive?

Farhad Hejrat: “Yalda for Hope” was one of the most successful digital campaigns of Samsung in 2020 which managed to do well in terms of key performance indicators (KPIs). The video was viewed more than 500,000 times. Overall, we found the results of the campaign satisfactory despite all the challenges in implementing it. I’d also like to thank the Lemon team for collaborating with us on this campaign.

How was the campaign launched?

Kiarash Kamrani: We faced a number of challenges in implementing this project, which firstly included introducing Ms. Nikrah to Samsung’s guidelines, identity, and sensitivities. Secondly, we needed to pay close attention to all the details of the video, namely the set, location, performances, poems, and texts, and even how the books were ordered on the shelves. We used a large team in order to make sure the end product was worthy of Samsung and in line with the brand’s support of Iranian culture and art. The feedback provided by Samsung managers, our colleagues in marketing, and the audience showed us how well our strategy and creativity moved hand in hand in line with our brand goals and completed each other. High-quality production, calculated use of special visual effects, music production, and the story’s general emphasis on elements of Iranian culture faced with modernity all went very well together to give us better than expected viewership for the video. The feedback has encouraged us to follow on and extend this positive experience.

source: dnaunion