Samsung AUT Tech has designed and organized a campaign called “Communion for Creating Solutions” alongside Samsung’s global motto “We’ll Get Through This Together” in line with its social responsibilities, partnered up with Lemon Marketing Agency, that includes holding specialized webinars. The following are excerpts of a talk with Elnaz Habibi, Samsung corporate citizenship, and brand marketing senior manager.

What are Samsung AUT Tech’s goals in holding the solution-creation webinars?

Samsung AUT Tech has designed and organized a campaign called Communion for Creating Solutions as part of its 10th startup acceleration program and in line with its social responsibilities to comprehensively support startup teams under current unique circumstances.

With the aim of increasingly supporting creative ideas and helping small businesses grow, the center has decided to launch a campaign that includes holding specialized webinars. The webinars will be held in seven editions and will focus on introducing participants to practical concepts and principles necessary for launching a startup.

Who are the target audience for the webinar?

The target audience for the webinars includes individuals or teams who have conceived business ideas but require expert guidance in order to implement and develop those ideas and launch their startup. The events will also prove useful to startup groups who are developing their ideas and seek more scientific and fundamental information on their journey.

Samsung AUT Tech called on interested parties to take part in the 10th edition of its acceleration program at the start of the current Iranian year in March. As a result, 860 ideas and designs were submitted to the center and ultimately six teams made it to the acceleration program.

But due to high demand, the center decided to organize expert webinars in order to focus on improving submitted designs and offer necessary guidance to teams and startups that did not manage to make it to the acceleration program.

What was your feedback from the webinars?

The first edition of the webinar was warmly received and applications for the second edition are already open. Participants have positively reacted to the first webinar on social media, which only encourages us in continuing to organize them.

How do you assess the cooperation with Lemon?

Experts from the Lemon team have enthusiastically collaborated with the Samsung team and the executive team located at the Samsung ATU Tech headquarters in order to implement the project and allow more people to enjoy these Samsung social responsibility activities with higher quality.